Sierra Reading is a California based artist/designer/educator currently living and working throughout the Bay Area. Her work promotes sustainable  garment production, education concerning fashion sustainability, and connecting slow food with slow fashion. Sierra is responsible for creating and replicating the natural dye pallets that have made up the color stories for the Herringbone Nevelson collection and the Stain Anemone collection. 



Yvonne Mouser is a San Francisco based artist, designer, and builder whose work sits at the boundaries of art, craft, and product.  Her work focuses on creating simple everyday objects that give meaning to experience or tell a story through their function.  Yvonne works both independently and with a diverse group of collaborators.  Her own design studio creates one of a kind objects and small run production pieces.  She is a co-founder of both Thought for Food, where she focuses on the artifacts and experiences of eating, and New Factory a design studio and workshop. After Yvonne and Stella Fluorescent's last collaboration, the two decided to form YMSF an ongoing collaboration exploring objects through the lens of scale, sculpture and utility.




Renee Silvestri is a freelance illustrator and designer, trained in metal smithing, fashion and architecture.  She is Stella Fluorescent's first official collaborator, and has contributed her expertise, inter-disciplinary sensibilities, and inspiration to Stella Fluorescent's first three collections. Her work with Stella Fluorescent can be found in tiny knotted bead earrings, meticulously painted brass beads, and illustrations for scarf and website design.



Julia Busenitz is a San Francisco based textile designer. After graduating from California College of the Arts with a B.F.A in Textiles, Julia Busenitz founded Luca Jackson in 2012 to share her small batch, hand printed and dyed textiles. Luca Jackson was founded with the desire to create long lasting, functional, beautiful pieces, with a commitment to craftsmanship and using high quality fabrics and environmentally friendly printing and dyeing methods. Julia brought these same values to Stella Fluorescent's A/W 2014 Flora Flush collection via hand dyed and silk screened scarves.

Collaborating allows for an exchange of stories, traded experiences, and the opportunity to stretch across disciplines in order to draw connections between diverse practices. To approach the creative process in this collective way is both instinctual and logical – why not extend and strengthen the community, and make beautiful things while doing it?