Anemone Arc Necklace | Collection #10

Anemone Arc Necklace | Collection #10


An arc of hand braided silk, embellished with gild tipped fringe that hangs and sways both high and low.

The Anemone Arc Necklace is hand made using botanically dyed and braided silk. The Anemone Arc Necklace measures 22" around, and features magnetic brass or silver closures which allow for a variety of styling options. Magnetic closures on upper sides can be detached to create a shorter necklace style. The fringed arc can be detached and worn as the Anemone Arc Bracelet or added to a single side to create a shorter necklace style. The sides portions of the necklace can be detached to be worn as New Strand Bracelets. Model is wearing necklace in Ebony/Silver as a collar.

All colors (with the exception of Ebony) are achieved via botanical dyes. Salt is dyed with black tea. Sand is dyed with black walnut. Coral is dyed with madder. Due to the hand dyed nature of our jewelry slight variations in color are to be expected. We believe that this adds to the uniqueness of each piece.

All items are hand made in San Francisco, and colors were created in collaboration with Bay Area textile designer/artist Sierra Reading.

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