Hand Painted Beads

Stella Fluorescent’s newest collection of jewelry features hand-painted accents by San Francisco artist Renee Silvestri. The painted designs are both direct translations from a vintage printed textile used in the collection, as well as abstract patterns that reference the core ideas of the “Flora Flush” theme. The zig-zags motifs and traditional floral patterns of the collection are expressed at minuscule scale.In an effort to transfer the textile application of screen printing to another material, Renee began painting textile motifs onto vintage brass beads, tubes and gold filled discs. Originally these beads and hardware were quite nice un-embellished, but with the tiniest of brushes, a steady hand, and great deal of patience they were transformed into something precious. The embellished components are hand-sewn or assembled into Stella Fluorescents’ earrings, necklaces,and bracelets

Tiersa NureyevComment