The Spark. The Process. The Fruition.

Hello. This is Stella Fluorescent's journal. A  diary about the inspirations that give impulse to creative actions, about how inspiration turns into a tangible object, and all the curiosity, whimsy, and dedication that comes between the thought and the final product.

This account itself is a process in it’s infancy, begun by the wish to share our vision while simultaneously learning more about what we, ourselves, love and why. Journals are always little mirrors right? These reflections will take the form of photo essays, updates about current work, contributions from Stella Fluorescent collaborators, and posts about little things that inevitably guide and effect the way that we think about art and design, the world at large and what we make and produce.

Thanks for checking us out so far, and please do stay tuned!

Lee Bontecou

Sri Louise photographed by Esther Vorosmarty

Egon Schiele

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